The mirror displacements grew out of my attempts to understand the fundamental re-orientation of the island over the last hundred years.

From early colonial times, the island had served as a defensive position, facing outward toward the sea and guarding against naval attack. With the transition from a military base to a spot for toursts, the island turned its attention inward, focusing not out to sea but back toward land, the skylines of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Jersey City. 

The images expand the traditionally narrow and singular viewpoint of photography, demanding a more convoluted vision while avoiding the idea of 'fiction' associated with other means of compositing. With multiple mirrors placed in front of the camera (crudely propped up or tied to objects in the scene) the photographs work to combine multiple views and periods of history (embrasure of a fort from 1807 and a poster for a carshow, a woman walking casually by an abandoned apartment with window stickers reminding firefighters of the small children who lived there), complicating our superficial interaction with the space. 

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